March 2023

How to Appeal Property Taxes

Posted on Mar 27, 2023

While being a homeowner comes with many benefits, most homeowners don’t particularly like paying too much for property taxes. Over the past few years, many homeowners have seen their property taxes increase and have continued paying them.

But you don’t have to accept your property taxes as they are. If they don’t seem right to you, you can appeal th...

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Roadblocks You Might Face When Saving for a Down Payment

Posted on Mar 20, 2023

Saving up for a down payment can be a big task for many first-time buyers. That’s why it’s smart to know what roadblocks you might face on your journey to saving your down payment and how to deal with them. Let’s go through the 5 most common roadblocks.

Roadblock 1: Dealing with a lack of confidence. It can be hard to imagine yourself saving up thou...

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Why You Should Consider New Construction–and What to Watch Out For

Posted on Mar 17, 2023

Buying a new construction home can have many benefits, and it’s definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a new home. Like all things, however, you will need to watch out for certain things when buying new construction.
First, let’s go over the benefits of new construction. Because new construction homes are built to the latest specificatio...

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What are Recurring and Non-Recurring Closing Costs?

Posted on Mar 06, 2023

For many buyers, closing costs can seem complicated. Buying a home itself is already such a large, complicated purchase, and when closing costs and terms like “recurring” and “non-recurring” are thrown into the mix, it’s easy for buyers to get overwhelmed.
Let’s go over recurring and non-recurring closing costs so you understand closing costs when i...

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